Eats Everything Cover Story for DJ Mag

Dan ‘Eats Everything’ Pearce is massive. Not just in stature (much as he likes to take the piss out of his occasionally generous girth), but in the plain old biggest-thing-in-house-music-right-now sense of the word. And, as DJ Mag tries to pin Pearce down to conduct this interview, something happens that gives an insight into just how far into the top tier of dance the English producer/DJ has climbed.

Having been playing in France, and with a host of commitments in the UK looming (not least of which is talking to us…), Eats suddenly finds himself at the mercy of striking French air traffic controllers. No planes are going anywhere, and the big man is stranded on the other side of the channel. We fire emails back and forth, and after waiting a couple of days to see if the situation would resolve itself, Eats is getting perilously close to missing Glastonbury.

It becomes clear that there can be only one solution; the superstar DJ’s favourite accessory — a private jet. Soon enough, the plane is chartered, and he’s whisked back to England in stellar style. Speaking after the festival, he’s apologetic for being such a baller.

“I’m very fortunate that I’m in a position to do that. I don’t mean to sound wanky that I got a jet but I actually had to, there was no physical way of me being able to play at Glastonbury otherwise, and there was no way I was going to miss it… “

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