Perc for Thump

In 2011 everyone lost their shit to Perc’s debut album Wicker & Steel. After years of entertaining serious men in cold warehouses with kick drums hewn from rusted spite, Perc was thrust into the limelight. The Guardian loved him. The Quietus loved him. Perc was hot. Now he’s back with his difficult second album, The Power & The Glory.

This isn’t a lazy journalistic cliché; The Power & the Glory is a difficult second album, it’s just that the difficulty is all yours. The first song is called ‘Rotting Sound’, and opens with a sample of Faith No More front man Mike Patton telling a nervy journalist that “You fall in love with this rotting sound that doesn’t belong there.” Then these vicious hits kick, and the primal screaming starts. It’s not very much like Disclosure.

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